Costigan Bloch Feature Film: Go Fund me Campaign

2017-04-12 12:37:25 by WellingL

Heya Newgrounds hope al lis well. I've not been super active on the site as of late,  as I've been working on this feature film of mine, which began back in 2011! The film is a mix of live action/animation. I've included a link to the GoFund Me campaign as well as the original trailer. This thing has been a beast, and has tested my abilities, including forcing me to expand upon them. I can tell you right now, I do not enjoy making explosions, only seeing them in the final product!  As always, if you can't donate, sharing the link with friends is honestly just as important!


Go Fund Me:

Costigan Bloch: Official Trailer:


Cheers! And I look forward to uploading more content once the films picture locked.


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